Students, staff and organization
The program offers a credit-bearing experience for 19 high school students at Lyons Community School in Brooklyn, NY.  Students are offered admission to the program each semester, based on several factors: academic need, a written application, and recommendations from school staff. Two teachers run the workshop, and also offer various forms of support for these students to complete their in-school requirements.
   Daily Structure
Students attend regular classes at Lyons in the morning, and then travel together to the Urban Workshop work site in the afternoon.  On the way to the work site, the students work on math activities to prepare them for the day’s project.  They study construction designs, calculate measurements and quantities, and create their own mathematical drawings.  At the work site, the students collaborate in small groups, using their daily math sheets to guide their work.  All construction work is done slowly and carefully, with hand tools only -- no power tools.  On the way back to school, students work on self-assessment and setting goals for the following day’s work.
sample math activities
Academic learning in math, reading and writing are integrated into construction projects through planning, building and reflection. Through these activities, students use high-level academic skills in applied situations. Students who participate in Urban Workshop demonstrate growth in a number of areas, including:
•    attendance
•    improved number sense and mathematical proficiency
•    development of practical skills
•    positive peer/team interactions
•    positive attitude toward math, writing, and academic learning in general
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